The CSSP active alumni number over 1,000.


CSSP Alumni have distinguished themselves as scientists and as leaders.  While their presidential terms have come to an end, they move on to new and larger-scale challenges, utilizing their growing leadership skills.


The CSSP Alumni Steering Committee consists of:

Gregory Anderson -- American Institute of Biological Sciences

Martin A. Apple -- American Institute of Chemists

Arthur Bienenstock -- American Physical Society

S. Gaylen Bradley -- Society for Industrial Microbiology, Sigma Xi

Elizabeth Carvellas -- National Association of Biology Teachers

C. Casey -- American Chemical Society

Marvin Cohen -- American Physical SocietyHaskell and Patricia

Helen C. Davies -- Association for Women in Science

Barry A. J. Fisher -- American Academy of Forensic Sciences

Jerome I. Friedman -- American Physical Society

Marvin Goldman -- Health Physics Society

Mary L. Good -- American Chemical Society

Charles H. House -- Association for Computing Machinery

Arthur M. Jaffe -- American Mathematical Society

Peter Jumars -- American Society of Limnology and Oceanography

Andrew C. Kadak -- American Nuclear Society

Janice Koch -- Association for Science Teacher Education

Neal Lane -- Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Honor Society

Gene E. Likens -- Ecol. Soc. of Amer., AIBS, ASLO

Harold A. Mooney -- Ecological Society of America, AIBS

Duncan Moore -- Optical Society of America

Sharon Mosher -- Geological Society of America

Ronald Phillips -- Crop Science Society of America

Haskell Pitluck -- American Academy of Forensic Science

Roland Schmitt -- American Institute of Physics

Cathy Seeley -- National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Martin E. P. Seligman -- American Psychological Association

Diana H. Wall -- Ecological Society of America

Edel Wasserman -- American Chemical Society

Philip Zimbardo -- American Psychological Association