CSSP provides an award, the Sagan Award, for increasing the public appreciation of science.  Its purpose is to honor those who have become concurrently accomplished as researchers and/or educators, and as widely recognized magnifiers of the public's understanding of science.  Winners include:

2013: Bassam Shakhashiri, American Chemical Society
2010: Sylvia Earle, National Geographic Society
2009: Thomas L. Friedman, Author; New York Times
2007: Ken Weiss & Usha McFarling, Los Angeles Times
2006: Court-TV
2005: Cheryl Heuton & Nick Falacci, NUMB3RS
2004: Popular Science
2002: Philip G. Zimbardo, Discovering Psychology, PBS
2001: Science TimesThe New York Times
           John Noble Wilford, Journalist;  The New York Times
2000: John Rennie, Editor, Scientific American
1999: Richard Harris, Science Editor, NPR
           Ira Flatow, Producer & Host, Science Friday, NPR
1998: Alan Alda, John Angier, Graham Chedd, Frontiers
1997: Bill Nye, The Science Guy, TV Program
1996: NOVA-TV and Paula Apsell, Executive Producer
1995: National Geographic Society and Magazine: Gilbert Grosvenor & William Allen
1994: Edward Wilson, Curator, MCZ, Harvard University
1993: Carl Sagan, Director, Laboratory for Planetary Studies, Cornell University